A passionate blog about programming without repetition! In beta version for now!


I am very pleased to welcome you to the blog! I hope it will be a place where we can share our experiences together, and thus work together to make our code better every day.

As the name of the blog suggests (programitonce.com), I want to focus on what is important to our customers - the value that comes from providing unique code that solves specific user problems. That’s why I would like to talk about topics that broaden our (your and my) horizons regarding ready-made solutions that will scale nicely — from a garage application to our own place in the cloud, and give us the pleasure of writing high quality code — bug-tolerant and easy to further develop.

Please, consider that English is not my native language, so you can encounter many misspells. If you see any, feel free to write it in the comments — I will be very grateful. While working on translations I use the translator www.deepl.com.

The blog is currently in beta!

I’m developing it in my spare time, so you may notice a lot of imperfections here that I’m still working on. I’m planning an official launch for the very beginning of 2022, unless it goes sooner. What I need to finish before the launch:

  • Fix CSS bugs related to using AsciiDoctor,

  • Translate existing articles into English.

Last updated on 2021-07-05
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Please keep in mind that the blog is in preview form at this point and may contain many errors (but not merit errors!). Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the blog! Many illustrations appeared on the blog thanks to unsplash.com!
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