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Summary October 2021 (2021-10)

A brief look at what was happening in October 2021

This month, I finally got down to the blog’s look. I fixed the ugly code displayed in the articles and a few other annoying aesthetic mistakes. In addition, the English navigation should work without any problems now - previously selecting an item in the left menu caused redirection to the Polish version - I’ve managed to fix that, and the update is already available in the official repository (https://github.com/CaiJimmy/hugo-theme-stack).

The second most important change to the blog is the addition of the "Side Notes" category, which you can see in the menu on the left. Its purpose is to collect in one place short posts about small problems, ideas and solutions. Such material usually appears during the work and I often do not want to forget about it - this is supposed to be a place addressed to such content. I don’t know if it will stay in this form until the end, or if the form will change - we will see how it develops

The articles produced this month are:

article about creating CI/CD for our own templates
A quick side note about XAML and TargetNullValue

It was quite a productive time. I managed to write a nice article and make some significant improvements to the blog code. This is important because the launch is slowly approaching (which I plan for early 2022) and there is still some work to do.

The fact is that the word "launch" is a lot to say, because I am not planning any fireworks or advertising campaign. After this date I will try to promote the blog "quietly", linking to it on various forums and thus providing valuable content to others. If this mechanism will work, I plan something more interesting for the turn of 2022/2023, but it’s a distant future.

Is there something you would like to see changed on the blog? Maybe you have a topic you’d like to learn more about? Go ahead and write!

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