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Summary September 2021 (2021-09)

A brief look at what was happening in September 2021

This month will be marked by the English language. I have launched the second version of the site, where most of the articles are already translated into English! I still have to translate the article about Event Storming, which still needs a lot of work. To get to the English page just add /en to the address, so you are welcome to www.zaprogramujtoraz.pl/en where you are at the moment :-).

The articles that were written this month are:

an article about creating your own dotnet templates!

This month has been a very busy one for me. Translating the blog took me quite a bit of time - though not that much anyway, if it weren’t for the tool that is Deepl.com. In the meantime I’ve been working on another Xamarin project and I’m also very busy with the topic of ideal application architecture. Unfortunately I have no idea how to share the knowledge I’ve already gained, because I don’t feel it’s complete. The topic of architecture I’m digging more and more and I can see that I’m maturing to some solutions. Maybe you have an architecture, tutorial, guide, template that you use and think is the best? If so, it would be cool if you wrote about it in the comments!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Is there something you would like to see changed on the blog? Maybe you have a topic you’d like to learn more about? Go ahead and write!

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